some questions which may encounter or frequently asked

Nail art gradually come into people life,it becomes an indispensable part of many fashion woman life. But many people are not very understanding for nail art, in order to help people better understand the nail art, the my blog of a nail salon from Beverly Hills explain some questions which may encounter or frequently asked .

Nail art
What’s the deal with cutting vs. pushing back cuticles?
I love this question!  Everyone has such a strong opinion and I am no different. Clipping your cuticles makes your nails look way better but the problem is that a lot of places cut the cuticle AND a ton of the surrounding skin. My advice is to request your cuticles to be pushed back, unless you know and really trust your tech.  Applying cuticle oil daily keeps your cuticles from drying out and helps prevent hangnails and nourishes your newest nail growth. My favorite is CND Solar Oil.

Is there anything people should avoid at all costs?
If you want great looking nails, you have to protect them. Doing the dishes, gardening, using your hands excessively makes for a disaster for polish. If I hear a client at Olive & June is very active with their hands, I encourage them to either go for The Dree, a nourishing manicure or pedicure that is all about really nourishing the nails and finishes clean or with a special top coat, or The Chrissy, which is our gel manicure which extra staying power that is named after my mom who was a nurse for 20 years and was constantly washing her hands.

What sort of effects can wearing non-stop nail polish have your nails? What can we do about it?
Everyone’s nail beds are different and have different thresholds of pressure and wear. For most people, non-stop nail polish can be damaging. You may see white spots that look like scratches or just a general deterioration. The best thing to do is take a break every three or so months and let them breathe, then apply a nail strengthener to help nurse them back to health.


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